Your Creations

As our new normal is just around the corner, we know from the amount of stock that has left this shop, you’ve all been very busy at home creating and making during the COVID-19 crisis.

You are the stars of our show and we want to reflect this in our new window display. If you’ve bought yarn over the last six months and you’re willing to lend us your creation for six weeks, we want to display it as a celebration for getting through the Covid crisis!

We want to showcase all your talents, your passion, your creativeness, your innovative designs, your skills and most of all anything you made that kept you focus during lockdown!

Don’t worry if you’re far from happy with them, or they didn’t turn out how expected. To us, they are treasure and we want to display them. Nothing is off limits. Big or small.

We will also be running some competitions, so it’s your chance to win even MORE crafting resources.

Your items will be displayed between 24th July and 28th August so you must be willing to let us have it for that amount of time. We promise we will look after your lovely item.

Please drop off your item at the shop by the 20th July, where you will be given a receipt for collection.

Once the display is up please come down and have a look at all the amazing knitters, crocheters, weavers, sewers and makers we’ve got round here and vote for your favourite.